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The Trust was formed in the year 2000 with the members of the family members of the affected. Its registration number is 882/2001. It is doing legal service for past 20 years without any lag. In Coimbatore and in Tamil Nadu prisons, the persons more than 300 approximately were detained in the prison during the year 1998. The Trust was formed and the help was received from several general public and as the legal service was conducted, several got acquitted from the Prison. There were 35 cases against the persons who were detained in the prison in the year 1998. In these 35 cases only, persons more than 300 were detained in the prison. Presently there were only 36 persons in the Tamil Nadu prisons for past 22 years. It is true that the remaining were all got acquitted.

Only 90 percent of the amount which was given as donation was spent for case purpose. The cases are conducted in District court and the judgment given by the District Court and against that will approach High Court and will face it and try to get justice. And if there also, the Judgment is against us and then will go to Supreme Court and there the cases will be conducted and this Trust has helped in conducting several cases in High Court and Supreme Court. some person (prisioner) district court, in High Court and Supreme Court was released is notable.

  • To prevent poverty and to do business in the house itself, the equipment like Tailoring Machine, Grinder was provided.

  • Medical assistance was given to old aged.

  • The School fees of the children were remitted.

  • The monthly benefit funds of sum of Rs.2000 have been provided to the 40 families.

CTM Has to complete many tasks

In the year 1998, more than 300 persons were there in the Tamil Nadu Prisons and presently for past 22 years there were only 36 persons continuously in the prison. If they get acquitted, then 15 will be reduced from 36, forthcoming April month last week  final argument comes to the Supreme court, if we conduct the case there will be chances to release 15 Prisoners . To face and conduct this case, the Trust is taking necessary legal measures. Apart from this, there are also some more cases. And if it gets completed, the service taken by the trust would be completed. Apart from this, the government alone can release those who went till Supreme Court and got punishment. If the government doesn’t release them in specified time and in order to face them legally there are several Supreme Court Judgments in favor. Likewise, do remember that those who got punishment by going until Supreme Court and case was conducted in this one year and in those 5 persons were acquitted through Supreme Court Judgments by going and facing case in Supreme Court. Even though got punishment by going until Supreme Court, there are ways to get acquitted from the case. And it is possible only through the legal struggle.

The economic condition of several families is always in crisis situation only.  It is in the situation that it has to seek help from others always. That is the very biggest work before the Trust.

We inform you that the income and the expenses of the Trust was audited and maintained properly.to