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There is a pride that Coimbatore is the “Manchester of South India” to all Coimbatore resident people. In Coimbatore which is an Industrialist city any one shall get job. And anyone who doesn’t know about this will never survive anywhere. The Coimbatore is not only an Industrial city but it has good climatic condition and it is situated under Western Ghats and the cool breeze that shower during evening hours will fascinate everyone and the culture of treating the younger to elders with respectful words is an excellent habitat.

Bavani P Mohan | Senior Lawyer

The people of different race, language, religion living spreading out without giving any way to variation and it is a civilized city living with brotherly love for several years. Some of the residents of Coimbatore stuck to the poisonous opinion of the maneuver persons who want to break the harmony and to divide the people and then on wards the Coimbatore lost its peace. The Manchester city was seen as Manchester of riots. It became the city that nobody wants Coimbatore and it became the blood stained city (hell) that people hated the word Coimbatore. The plans and adverse actions of the very few who can be counted and which has to be broken at the instant itself and the consequences of not preventing it led to the conflict between the two religions. They expanded the very tiny traps for the political benefits. They spread the toxic opinion regularly that it is dangerous for Hindu religion and led it to a way for splitting. If the ruling parties have thought they would have cleared the very tiny conflicts at the instant itself in the past 25 years but as it was not properly handled the enmity upon the Muslim community was emerged as ablaze. November 29th riots 20 Muslim youth was killed. The thousand crores of properties were looted and the grief incident who became panhandler was seen in overnight. The deadly incident that 58 persons were killed by placing bomb in Coimbatore on 14th of February was occurred. The Coimbatore city was completely transformed. The area where Muslims lived was sealed and they were imprisoned.  The cool Coimbatore city became as grave calm. Before finding out by conducting enquiry that who made the bomb blast, the police department arrested several Muslim youths living in the city and detained in the prison.

They can punish the one who has committed crime and they can also get punishment for them and nobody is denying this. But the cases are filed against innocents and they were detained in prison. A huge damage caused during November and the days that followed and the tragedies faced by the Muslim community cannot be described in words. And the harassment than that is the relative of the persons who was detained in the prison has wandered day and night and became helpless.

The Muslim community who don’t have any legal knowledge and awareness was put to severe grief and became helpless and with them the Muslim named Advocates has looted money in the name of Advocate fees. But the other religion advocates who approached humanitarianly have set an example.

The formation of trust is the necessary for the time being. The base of the Trust is the chant of justice that though thousands of culprits escape, one innocent shall not be punished. The court will confirm that whether he did crime or not. One has full independence to prove that he is not a culprit. And that is his right also. Based on that, the Constitution also insists upon this opinion. As this Trust is necessary for the Muslim community and that too for the youths who were affected during 1998 and hence this Trust was formed and the persons who advised to the formation trust cannot be forgotten. 

This Trust gratefully remembers the below mentioned persons:

  1. Bavani B Mohan(Senior Advocate)
  2. U.Anwar Khan (Ex-President of Trust/Principal retired)
  3. Samsunisha Ansari(General Secretary)
  4. Abuthahir (President)
  5. Abubakkar(Advocate, Coimbatore)

And the Advocates who rendered advices, Human Rights Activists, Presidents of Muslim Community movement and the senior pioneers who worked for the Trust. 

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